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10 weird things about Texas that you didn’t know!

DALLAS (KDAF) — These ten weird and wonderful facts about Texas showcase the state’s unique blend of quirkiness and charm.

From giant cowboy boots to mysterious lights and unusual museums, Texas never fails to surprise and delight visitors with its eccentric attractions.

1. The World’s Largest Cowboy Boots: Located in San Antonio, Texas, these gigantic cowboy boots stand at a staggering 35 feet tall. A quirky attraction, they serve as a reminder of Texas’ deep-rooted cowboy culture.

2. The Marfa Lights: In the town of Marfa, Texas, mysterious lights appear in the night sky, seemingly floating and flickering. Despite extensive research, the source of these lights remains unknown, leaving scientists and locals puzzled.

3. The Cadillac Ranch: Just outside Amarillo, Texas, lies an unusual art installation known as the Cadillac Ranch. Ten half-buried, graffiti-covered Cadillac cars stand in a row, creating a unique and bizarre visual spectacle.

4. The Bat Bridge: In Austin, Texas, the Congress Avenue Bridge is home to the largest ‘urban’ bat colony in North America. Every evening, around dusk, more than a million bats emerge from beneath the bridge, creating a mesmerizing sight.

5. The Beer Can House: A Houston resident, John Milkovisch, spent over 18 years decorating his house with thousands of beer cans, creating an eccentric and eye-catching landmark that showcases his love for beer and recycling.

6. The World’s Largest Gingerbread House: Located in Bryan, Texas, the world’s largest gingerbread house stands at a massive 39,201.8 cubic feet. It holds the Guinness World Record, enchanting visitors with its sugary charm.

7. The Toilet Seat Art Museum: In San Antonio, Texas, an unusual museum displays over 1,000 decorated toilet seats. The collection, created by artist Barney Smith, showcases various themes and intricate designs, making it a truly unique attraction.

8. The World Championship Barbecue Goat Cook-Off: Brady, Texas, hosts an annual event where teams compete to cook the best barbecue goat. This peculiar competition celebrates Texas’ love for barbecue and showcases the state’s diverse culinary traditions.

9. The Alien Abduction Lamp: Lampasas, Texas, is home to a quirky store that sells an Alien Abduction Lamp. The lamp features a cow being beamed up into a UFO, making it a perfect conversation starter for any extraterrestrial enthusiast.

10. The Giant Cowboy Hat: In Pearsall, Texas, a 40-foot-tall cowboy hat stands proudly, paying homage to the state’s cowboy heritage. This massive hat serves as a testament to Texas’ larger-than-life spirit and love for all things cowboy.

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