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Bill aims to protect NYS wolf population

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—-Sometimes wolves, which are protected under state and federal law, can be mistaken for coyotes. To prevent this from happening, a new bill would make sure that any coyote that is killed during hunting season is properly tagged and identified.

“Right now they’re not,” explained Assemblymember Robert Carroll. “And then if that coyote is over 50 pounds, a DNA sample will be taken. And if that DNA sample comes back and says it’s a wolf and not a coyote, then DEC could choose to put a moratorium in a specific area where they suspect there might be wolves.”

Wolves were at one time more prevalent in New York State.

Claudia Braymer, Deputy Director with Protect the Adirondacks, said it’s now unclear how many there are.

“We do know that there’s great habitat here in New York State for wolves, especially in the Adirondacks,” said Braymer. “There have been studies that have already provided that information.”

According to Braymer, the legislation can help provide more clarity on how many wolves are in New York State.

“A person can take a large amount of coyotes, and unless they suspect something is up and they say ‘oh, this seems to be a wolf,’ then we’ll have no idea, ” said Assemblyman Carroll. “So, somebody could in advertently kill a number of wolves, and the population that’s trying to grow here is unfortunately vastly curtailed.”

The state’s coyote hunting season runs from October to the end of March.

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