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Broncos head coach Sean Payton was hired to kick keisters

I don’t think we signed Sean Payton as Broncos coach to tickle our bellies.

Gerard, can handle the truth

Kiz: Payton was hired to kick keisters. He doesn’t dance. So when the new Broncos coach told his handpicked media confidant, Jarrett Bell of USA Today, “Everything I heard about last season, we’re doing the opposite,” it was no accident. Nor was saying Nathaniel Hackett destroyed any chance the team had for success with what “might have been one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL.” And I had no problem with putting the organization on blast. I had a problem with Payton apologizing for his hot take, backtracking and calling his blunt honesty a mistake to be blamed on two lattes he consumed before the interview. That’s all well and good. But Payton is going to need something stronger to drink than coffee if he can’t end the Broncos’ misery against Kansas City.

Naming names was a low blow and classless, but Payton is the adult in the room and he wasn’t wrong. What matters more is what he’s saying or has said behind closed doors to the coaches, personnel and players involved in last season’s debacle.

MVP, flame-thrower

Kiz: It was easy to throw last year’s team under the bus. But will Payton stand up and take accountability after losses this season?

I loved Payton calling out the Broncos! There’s no question who’s the face and head of this franchise is now. It’s Payton’s place, and I’m not talking about Manning or George. Last season, Hackett wanted to dance and quarterback Russell Wilson wanted to ride. The problem was: neither of them wanted to do it together.

Matt, grips and rips it

Kiz: Know what? I’ve been on record early with a prediction the Broncos will make the playoffs in 2023. So, like Mr. Payton, I will be ticked off if the Broncos fall short of that goal. Having high expectations is not a bad thing.

The best thing about the CU Buffs’ move to the Big 12 Conference is they can compete with lower competition of the football field. There is no Texas, no A&M, no Oklahoma, no Nebraska, not even a Missouri in the new Big 12. Texas Christian and Baylor are not like playing Oregon, Washington and Utah.

Drew, Thornton

Kiz: OK, before we declare Coach Prime as the biggest thing to happen to Boulder since the Flatirons, can we see if Deion Sanders can actually beat Iowa State, much less TCU? The Big 12 is a basketball conference. And the league will only get tougher if Tad Boyle’s old buddies down there in Arizona jump the sinking Pac-12 ship and follow CU to the Big 12.

And today’s parting shot was a warm welcome upon my return to work, dropped in my email box on my first day back from summer vacation.

Thought you were outta here, Kiz. Oh crud, I see you’re back to work. Some of us sports fans dreamed The Post had put you out to pasture in retirement.  That glorious day still can’t come soon enough.

D.L., crazy ’bout Kiz

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