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Chinese internet panics as clueless man swims toward poop ejected by another man in pool


Chinese social media users are demanding compensation for a clueless man who was caught on video swimming toward feces ejected by another man at a swimming pool.

What happened: The incident, which was caught in a now-viral video, reportedly occurred at a gym swimming pool in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on July 7. In a shocking call of nature, a man pulled down his swimming trunks to unload his colon, releasing fresh, yellow excrement in the water.

In an escalation of the horror, a second man swimming after the shameless pooper had no idea what he was headed for. It is unclear whether he made any contact with the fecal matter, but his right hand appears to get extremely close to it.

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The aftermath: Coaches at the gym reportedly noticed the floating fiesta of feces. They immediately checked surveillance footage and identified the culprit, who turned out to be a gym member.

A police report was subsequently filed. In the end, the pooper was fined 8,000 yuan (approximately $1,120) and had his gym membership revoked.

Reactions: The pooper’s brazen action shocked Chinese netizens. However, many also expressed concern for the man trailing him, with some demanding that he receive a portion of the pooper’s fine.

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“The man behind him is really close. He deserves half of that 8,000 yuan,” one commented.

“If he had swam any faster, the feces would have gotten into his mouth,” another suspected.

Meanwhile, one wrote: “[A fine of] 8,000 yuan is too little. It should be at least 20,000 yuan for this level of disgust.”

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“He [pooper] should be blacklisted from all swimming pools,” another demanded.

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