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Chris Christie Predicts ‘The Minute’ Trump’s 2024 Campaign Will Start To Crumble

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said polls of the Republican presidential race don’t tell the full story of what could happen to Donald Trump once primary voters actually start heading to the polls next year.

“A lot of people will say they’re for Trump now because he’s winning,” Christie told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “The minute someone else is feasible, is plausible ― and by winning either the caucuses in Iowa or the primary in New Hampshire, you’re more than feasible or plausible. You’re now someone who has defeated Donald Trump. That becomes a whole different story.”

Christie ― once a close Trump ally, now a critic running against him ― wrote off national polls showing Trump with a commanding lead of his GOP rivals and said polls of the states that vote first are more important.

In New Hampshire, for example, Trump was at just 34 percent in one recent poll.

“That means 66 percent of the people polled in New Hampshire don’t want to support Donald Trump,” he said.

See more of his conversation with Cooper below:

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