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Counties in need of support for new Asylum Seekers

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week on Empire State Weekly, upstate counties continue to deal with a lack of information as asylum seekers arrive in the state from the southern border. The counties face multiple logistical issues in caring for the migrants as well as a lack of communication from New York City.

Stephen Acquario, the Executive Director for the New York State Association of Counties, explained that the many issues faced by counties could be solved by increased involvement from the federal government. “What we need is work status papers. We need work authorization,” he said. “Our senate majority leader, Hakeem Jeffries, minority leader of the United States Congress, the president of the United States—we need more influence from Washington to give these people work authorization.”

Also this week, July marks one year since the national suicide prevention hotline 988 launched. Kelly Clarke, the Vice President of the 988 hotline, explained that while they have seen an increase in contacts since switching to the three digit number, they have yet to reach levels of awareness of a line like 911.

“This is a role that everyone can play,” Clarke said. “When it comes to suicide prevention, being able to promote that number—whether or not it’s vibrant as the administrator, or whether it’s the media or individuals in the community, that if you know someone who is struggling, or you yourself are struggling—talking about 988 and services that are available is a really good way to spread that awareness.”

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