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Democrats Refuse To Cut Social Security And Propose To Seek Joint Solutions To The Debt Problem | The USA Print

Democrats refuse to cut Social Security and propose to seek joint solutions to the debt problem | The USA Print

Despite the fact that the government of President Joe Biden has promoted itself as one of the great drivers of the US economy, part of the fears surrounding the national situation still persist, especially if one takes into account the issue of the debt. Despite this, the Democrats in the US Senate are clear: Social Security must not be touched.

This Monday, Democratic Senator Chris Coons stressed this during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” program, by assuring that Democrats will not cut Social Security benefits, which have helped lift millions of people out of poverty.

I recognize that the art of politics is finding deals that both parties can support. But frankly, at the end of the day, the Democrats are not going to cut Social Security benefits.“, asserted Coons when referring to the reduction of the debt.

The Democratic senator’s comment has a specific context: the fact that the risk rating agency Fitch Ratings reduced the rating of the United States from AAA to AA+arguing the possibility that the fiscal deterioration will deepen in the next three years, as well as possible governance problems and higher debt.

Likewise, Fitch Ratings assured that the rating downgrade is also due to the fact that political confrontations between Democrats and Republicans over the debt limit and last-minute resolutions “have eroded confidence in fiscal management.”

Regarding these concerns, Senator Coons assured that legislators must find a way to “tame the debt and the deficit”, and that these public policies must allude, in the same way, to profits.

Most Republicans I have met or talked to will not consider (touch) the profitsCoons asserted.

The senator also stressed, according to CNBC, that he would support an increase in taxes on Americans with more resources, since, in this way, the sustainability of social programs such as Medicare or Social Security could be improved.

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