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DocGo releasing details to NYC Upstate Asylum Seeker program

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – All week local elected officials and leaders of non-profits have spoken up about their frustrations dealing with the company hired by New York City to care for the asylum seekers sent to the Capital Region. They noted the lack of communication with DocGo as buses arrive unexpectedly in the middle of the night, and they hear from asylees about not getting food and care they need.

But today, a DocGo representative answering questions in person and NEWS10 has more on that meeting.

DocGo meeting with a Capital District non-profit group today to address concerns they have about the treatment of asylum seekers since they arrived in the Capital Region. NES10 received this document with DocGo’s details for the New York City Upstate Asylum Seeker program.

New York City awarded DocGo a $423 million contract to bus, house, feed and care for asylum seekers brought to the Capital Region. But New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, said a review is taking place to make sure all contractual obligations are being met, telling our Capitol Correspondent this week that she has some concerns of her own.

“Are they providing proper security? When people arrive are they getting food and clothing and shelter immediately,” asked Hochul.  

In the document, DocGo says they provide room and board for asylum seekers and that families will be kept together.  Single asylum seekers will be roomed at double occupancy. The document says shampoo and soap are also provided. DocGo says that they provide two hot and one cold meal per day, per asylee.  The details go on to say baby formula and diapers for infants will also be provided. The program is also designed to provide onsite urgent care and on demand telehealth, primary care along with mobile medicine and vaccinations. 

But Eden’s Rose Foundation Executive Director Gregory Sheldon says there are some areas of concern that still need to be addressed after he took a look at the plans.

“We are being stonewalled, as far as it looks. Especially the organizations like ours that are on the ground, other community-based organizations that are receiving these folks. They are showing up at our doorsteps, we are doing everything we can to help but we’re not being rounded to the fold. It’s surprising to see how many times the words local community organizations being consulted, contacted or contracted is referenced in this DocGo documentation, but for us, it’s happened to zero,” said Sheldon.

NEWS10 spoke with the board members of the non-profit who met with DocGo earlier today, and they say they have expressed their concerns about a lack of transparency but say their doubts and concerns have not been met.

NEWS10 did reach out to DocGo to inquire more about how the reported nearly half a billion dollars allocated to them for upstate asylum seekers was being used and eagerly awaits that response.

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