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Downtown Saratoga bringing in track tourists

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) -When the horses are not out to race, downtown Saratoga gets a turn of tourism. Cafes, bars and more all working hard to leave their best impressions of the Spa City.

Over at The Wine Bar, happy hour was in full swing before dinner. When it comes to the track season, Co-Owner, Melissa Evans, couldn’t be happier. “I do believe that, and my numbers are showing also, that the first two weeks of track season definitely are higher. Numbers are up this year.”

Evans says this time of year is more than just a busy season. For her business, it can be make or break when balancing the slower part of the year. “In the wintertime it’s tough because everyone’s open and you are competing for the people who want to go out in the cold. We have to jam for two to three months to make as much money as possible.”

SPoT Coffee says that no matter the season, they still get the business they need. “The upstairs guests that live in the apartments above, they migrate south and our Southerns come up for track. There’s a difference in the flow of regulars,” explained General Manager, Heidi Comstock.

On Caroline Street, the bars prepare for the late-night crowds. For Saratoga City Tavern, they have more than just a few floors to tend. “Friday, Saturday we are open all five floors. We are at 100% from 9p.m. to 2 in the morning,” said Manager, Jasper Graves.

While out-of-town visitors add a needed economic boost to businesses, without those local to the area, Graves says downtown wouldn’t be what it is for those who come just for the track. “We do have a great community here. They give back to us all they time. They keep our lights on.”

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