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How to care for gardens, grass, landscaping and plants during Colorado’s extreme heat, storms

DENVER (KDVR) – Storms following high temperatures expected in the coming days can have a huge impact on landscaping whether it be gardens, yards or balcony plants.

The average investment for landscaping in Colorado is about $12,000. Plant and garden experts tell the Problem Solvers it’s important to prepare your property and monitor conditions each day.

City Floral Garden Center expert Hannah Lucey tells FOX31 that safeguarding your plants and flowers requires a delicate balance, especially when it comes to watering.

“When we get long heat stretches like this, plants do become stressed out, so they’re susceptible to pests and disease,” Lucey said.

She said that pots and the ground around roots should be checked regularly.

“You want to make sure they’re still drying out and getting oxygen to their roots so it’s best to water early morning, in the evening,” Lucey said.

Potted plants may need more water, depending on the container.

“Smaller containers dry out faster, hanging containers dry out faster, so that’s the significance of really soaking them in water,” Lucey said.

Grass, trees, plants and flowers that get more direct sunlight run the risk of becoming dehydrated, so consider how much sun exposure they receive as opposed to those planted in shaded areas, which may require less water.

“It really depends on the location in your garden what you’re planting, veggies can take a lot of sun unless they’re cool weather veggies,” Lucey said.

When you water matters as well. Provide hydration for your grass and flowers during the evening hours, as watering during the day can actually cause leaves to burn.

Lucey tells FOX31 yellowing leaves on plants are a sign of dehydration.

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