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Is Kareem Jackson too dangerous for Denver to play?

Kiz: Coming off a suspension by the NFL for illegal hits, Broncos safety Kareem Jackson would have to be a complete knucklehead to continue tackling with the crown of his helmet. Yet there he was against Minnesota, lowering his head to blast Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs on the game’s opening series. Although no flag was thrown on the play, there’s no doubt in my mind Jackson deserves a fine and another suspension. Has his repeated run-ins with league authorities made Jackson too much of a safety risk for the Broncos to trust on the field?

Gabriel: Opposing teams certainly are going to think so, Kiz. After all, both Las Vegas receiver Jakobi Meyers and Washington tight end Logan Thomas were diagnosed with concussions after hits from Jackson in the season’s opening two weeks. Those two, more than the final straw against Green Bay’s Luke Musgrave, are the ones that compelled the NFL to go big on its initial suspension ruling. But here’s the thing: It’s not just the safety risk for Denver. It’s also the game risk. If he gets flagged against Minnesota — how the heck did he not? — the Broncos’ first turnover gets wiped off the board and the game might unfold entirely differently.

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