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Karol G And The Embarrassing Moment He Lived When His Wardrobe Broke During A Concert | The USA Print

Karol G and the embarrassing moment he lived when his wardrobe broke during a concert | The USA Print

Singer Carol G. a few days ago he began his long-awaited tourbecause through her social networks she was expressing how important this new tour was for her that her fans were looking forward to, despite having said in 2022 that she was not going to give concerts this year, because she wanted to take a break , but the success of his career ended up being more powerful.

The Colombian constantly has topics to talk about because of the changing rooms that she ends up using in her shows, either because some like it, although on occasions she is more criticized than normal. This time she was wearing a top with big puffy sleeves and a baggy miniskirt that allowed her behind to be seen.

However, something happened that was certainly quite awkward. Karol G is always shown with a smile on her face that constantly characterizes her and while she performed “Cairo” and danced with great joy, the bottom part of her wardrobe was torn at the height of her abdomen.

“You can see that it was uncomfortable because of her face, but she was always discreet as a Goddess”, “Still, nothing was seen of her… quite a diva”, “Until when? They don’t fire Karol’s image consultant”, “I really love her, but I don’t know who always dresses her so ugly”, “Oh, I don’t know about clothesNow the important thing is how beautiful she is, God, what a great body, what shine, what energy, she’s WOW”, “Her wardrobe doesn’t fit”, “The car also wanted to have fun”, “So beautiful, but who dressed her, that Fashion doesn’t suit her”, “Who sends her to dress so ugly”, “Clothes don’t suit her”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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