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Mar-a-Lago Documents Case Now Has ‘Overwhelming Evidence’

Former Trump attorney Ty Cobb said Thursday on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” that the reported indictment alleging three additional charges against former President Donald Trump contained “overwhelming evidence.”

Burnett said, “I know you’ve read through the new indictment, you’ve bane able to compare every count, see the document added, which appears to be those attack plans. They now have the proof it was not. It was actually a document he was waving around. As you go through everything in this new 60-page superseding indictment, what stands out to you?”

Cobb said, “Well, I think this original indictment was engineered to last 1,000 years, and now it will last, the superseding indictment will last until antiquity. I mean, this is such a tight case. The evidence is so overwhelming. It’s very difficult to imagine how Trump could say, how that his lawyers met with Jack Smith’s today to explain to him that he hadn’t done anything wrong on the same day that Jack Smith produces this evidence, overwhelming evidence of additional wrongdoing on his part.”

He added, “I think one thing that’s been ignored in the discussions so far, though, is this is Trump dealing directly with Nauta and De Oliveira at a time when Evan Corcoran has been told by him there are no additional documents, that they don’t have anything. His lawyers certainly were advising him not to destroy, move, or obstruct this grand jury subpoena in any way or the government’s request in any way. So this is Trump going not just behind the back of the prosecutors, this is Trump going behind the back of his own lawyers and dealing with two people who were extremely loyal to him.”

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