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Mike Pence “doesn’t recall” if he was told about plans to overturn 2020 election results

During a segment of “Meet the Press” on Sunday, host Chuck Todd inquired as to why Mike Pence “asked the Senate parliamentarian whether there were any other electors to consider during the process of Congress certifying the 2020 election,” and he appeared to have a lapse in memory pertaining to the events leading up to Jan. 6. 

“I did ask the parliamentarian very directly, Chuck. I asked her because I was hearing rumors. I was reading in the newspaper that there were alternate electors. I just — I asked her point-blank,” Pence said in a quote obtained from The Hill. When asked if anyone in Trump’s White House was informing him of this, he went on to say, “I asked her if there were any other electors from any state, and she said there was not — I don’t recall that, I just remember hearing it in the public. And I wanted a definitive answer whether or not the parliamentarian had received any additional electoral votes. She had not. So as you know, I — we actually changed the language as those Electoral College votes were recorded.” 

Revealing that his conversation with the Senate parliamentarian took place on Jan. 3, he furthered, “I have no right to overturn the election. The constitution is quite clear. As vice president, my job was to preside over a joint session of Congress, where the Constitution says the Electoral College votes shall be opened and shall be counted, and I know by God’s grace I did my duty that day.” 

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