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Oakland community leaders demand action from city, county on public safety

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A letter calling to end what is being called a public safety crisis was sent to elected leaders in Oakland and Alameda County this week. The two community leaders who wrote the letter said they want a public safety state of emergency declared.

Deadly shootings, home invasions, carjackings, illegal sideshows, businesses robbed at gunpoint, and a gun used to rob an 80-year-old ice cream vendor are just some of the crimes that have happened throughout the City of Oakland recently.

Bishop Bob Jackson of the Acts Full Gospel Church spoke about what the church is hearing from families in East Oakland and elsewhere in the city.

“Help! When the police tell you to shore up your backdoor to make sure the ones who are committing home invasions will have a harder time kicking your front door down, you better know the city’s in trouble,” Bishop Jackson said.

That call for help is the focus of an urgent letter from Oakland NAACP President Cynthia Adams and Bishop Jackson to Oakland and Alameda County elected leaders. The letter calls for leaders to unite and declare a state of emergency to end what this letter says is Oakland’s public safety crisis.

“We need a citywide meeting with the leaders and the powers that be to come together and talk about how we go about devising a plan, of how we abate these problems, of how we’ve been suffering with for way too long in the City of Oakland, ” Bishop Jackson said.

A call is being made for elected leaders to:

  • Acknowledge and declare a public safety emergency
  • Seek assistance from California, Alameda County and state law enforcement
  • Provide job training and mentorship so the youth will have alternatives to crime

The letter cites failed leadership, the movement to defund the police and the district attorney’s unwillingness to charge and prosecute people who commit life threatening crimes. Oakland NAACP President Adams says no one is being singled out.

The call to end Oakland’s public safety crisis is going out to all elected and appointed public officials responsible for public safety.

“Everyone should come together. We’re not singling out just one person,” Adams said. “Everyone needs to come together on this issue — even — including me. This is a crisis.”

Adams and Jackson both say, so far, they have not received a response from the mayor, chief of police or the Alameda County district attorney. KRON4 reached out to those city and county leaders as well but as of now, we have not heard back.

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