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Sleepy Hollow residents band together to save 2024 fireworks display

Sleepy Hollow residents are banding together to try to save next year’s Fourth of July fireworks after a local club said it no longer could fund the show.

Dubbed “Operation Save Sleepy Hollow Fireworks,” a group of residents will meet Aug. 22 at Diamond Jim’s in East Dundee to talk about fundraising ideas to save the July 4 fireworks show.

“It’s been a tradition for decades and I don’t want to lose this tradition, because then what’s next?” said Sleepy Hollow Trustee Jenny McGuire, who is spearheading the efforts.

The Sleepy Hollow Service Club told village board members Monday it no longer could hold the fireworks display.

“The way finances worked out this year, unless something changes, this (last July 4) will probably be the last fireworks show,” Rich English, past president of the Service Club, told trustees Monday. “It’s just gotten too expensive, and the turnout keeps going down for various reasons. … As a club, we can’t continue to foot the bill.”

McGuire said she reached out to the Service Club to discuss saving the fireworks. She said the organization agreed to allow her and other residents to fundraise to help continue the display. The group will need to raise $25,000 by May 1 to pay for fireworks in 2024.

“We’re pulling together whoever is interested in helping us put these (fundraising) events together,” said Kirsten Roberts, a Sleepy Hollow resident working with McGuire.



Some fundraising ideas include a trivia night and silent auction, expanding the Halloween in the Hollow event, and business sponsorships.

In the past, the Service Club relied on raffle ticket sales and parking admissions to the July 4 display to generate enough money to cover the event.

“I think it can be done,” McGuire said of raising enough money to continue the fireworks show.

Residents interested can join the Aug. 22 meeting at Diamond Jim’s, 325 Meier St., in East Dundee. It begins at 6:30 p.m.


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