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It will be impossible for Pedro Rocha to forget the name of Delia Rodrigo, the titular judge of court number 4 of Majadahonda who on Friday, at the request of the anti-corruption prosecutor, changed his status from witness to being investigated in the Brodie operation in just half an hour of testimony. .

– “It is for your own good,” the magistrate warned him.

– “It’s unfair,” Rocha responded with watery eyes.

Judge and prosecutor were fed up with Rocha’s answers describing a virtual president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) who, as head of the economic commission, and then the manager, either did not know or had not found out about the facts of a plot in which alleged crimes of business corruption, unfair administration and membership in a criminal organization are investigated. Declaring not to know anything about the federation’s agreement with Saudi Arabia and Gerard Piqué’s commissions to bring the Spanish Super Cup to the Asian country, or evading responsibilities when asked about the alleged irregular awarding of works to the construction company Gruconsa, have meant that Rocha is the third president of Spanish football who is exposed to a criminal conviction in less than six and a half years.

About five years passed between Ángel María Villar and Luis Rubiales. Between Rubiales and Rocha, just over seven months have led to a federation that is operationally blocked and with an institutional image from which it is difficult to dissociate the word corruption.

Two months before the Euro Cup, the senior team does not have a sports director because Albert Luque was removed from his position by Rocha after the prosecution proposed a year and a half in prison for alleged pressure on Jennifer Hermoso. In the federation they assure that there are new sponsors waiting to sign agreements that no one dares to sign for fear of being denounced for exceeding their functions. One of those who could have a signature, the marketing director, Rubén Rivera, was also removed from his work for the same reason as Luque. So far, Rocha has shown no signs of renouncing his future presidency as he is the only candidate to present endorsements. In total, 107, sold as proof of the new unity of Spanish football because the professional clubs had joined the side. The bizarre emerges in the atmosphere when Rocha does not apply the same sanction that he, as president of the management company, applied to Luque and Rivera. The barons opposed to his candidacy do not understand this inconsistency and some of those in favor are silenced when they ask them to explain it.

Rocha’s bodyguard claims to appreciate a distraction maneuver orchestrated by the Government, which they argue due to the timing of the succession of events that occurred on Friday. When Rocha was questioned about the contracts with Gruconsa, the construction company that is at the center of the investigated plot and in which the brother of Pedro González Segura, director of the federative legal services, works, the prosecutor asked Delia Rodrigo for the witness to pass to be investigated. Just a couple of minutes before, the Extremaduran leader had been proclaimed virtual president of the RFEF. It was the second time that Delia Rodrigo dynamited the electoral process. On March 20, the same day that Rocha had planned to summon the managing commission to call the elections, the magistrate launched Operation Brodie in which several federation leaders were arrested and the federation headquarters was searched with the Spanish internationals training. less than 100 meters.

These two coincidences, plus the fact that as soon as his accusation became known that the Sports Administrative Court (TAD) intends to open a file against Rocha for very serious misconduct, have fueled the suspicions of Rocha’s allied barons of the existence of a strategy political-judicial initiative promoted by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) to prevent the Extremaduran leader from becoming president of the RFEF.


Rocha’s faithful are sure of his innocence and have closed ranks so that he can continue his path to the presidency. The problem for Rocha is that the prosecutor did not believe that the person being interrogated knew nothing about anything. Sources from the investigation assure that the prosecutor’s office finds it difficult to admit Rocha’s alleged ignorance when the powers of the economic commission that he has chaired since October 2020 are, among others, approving the general lines of economic and financial action of the RFEF or analyzing the proposals and approve current and investment expenses exceeding 10,000 euros, except those that are the responsibility of the delegate commission or the assembly.

The TAD has not yet issued its resolution, but the cataclysm that the federation is experiencing can be overstated if, as would be normal, the file covers the entire managing committee. All the territorial barons are awaiting the final ruling of the sports court. The sides talk among themselves and almost everyone deals with the uncertainty of not knowing what to do. If on Monday or Tuesday it is confirmed that the TAD has initiated the file against Rocha for very serious misconduct, the CSD has the power to convene or not its board of directors to provisionally suspend Rocha. If this were to happen, the shadow of FIFA’s intervention could begin to cover the roofs of the Las Rozas Football City.

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