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Trump-appointed judge orders marshals to “fetch” special counsel prosecutor over lawyer’s lateness

A Trump-appointed federal judge on Thursday was so upset about his court being delayed by special counsel Jack Smith’s grand jury probe that he delayed it further by demanding U.S. Marshals “fetch” one of the special counsel’s prosecutors to explain himself, according to MSNBC

According to Politico, U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden summoned federal prosecutor Thomas Windom from the grand jury room after attorney Stanley Woodward, who represents a host of Trump associates, arrived 25 minutes late to the hearing for Jan. 6 rioters accused of violence against Capitol police, Federico Klein and Steven Cappuccio, the former of which is Woodward’s client. Windom arrived during McFadden’s verdict reading and was called to the bench for a six-minute sealed conversation obscured by a white noise “husher.” Windom then returned to the grand jury room up the hall and McFadden continued reading the verdict.

The incident stemmed from Woodward’s explanation for his tardiness, which the attorney initially asked to disclose in private due to grand jury secrecy rules. After McFadden said he absolved Woodward of the rules and demanded his reasoning, Woodward revealed that he had a client before the grand jury who was being asked questions that implicate “executive privilege.” He said prosecutors assured they would stop the proceedings in time for his appearance at the verdict, but when they did not, he felt obligated to remain by the grand jury room. McFadden said the government had also assured him and criticized the Justice Department. “Talking about obstructions of official proceedings,” McFadden responded. “The government has not acted as I required.”

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