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Trump calls Biden “A dumb son of a b**ch” during rally in Pennsylvania

Statements made by Donald Trump during a rally at Erie Insurance Arena in Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday gave no indication that the looming threat of incarceration for this, that and the other is warranted. To hear it from the man himself, everyone is to blame but him. Carving out plenty of time to rip into the Biden family, per usual, Trump drew comparisons between his family’s legal drama and theirs, attempting to convince the crowd that he was being raked over the coals, while the “Biden crime family” was not. Throughout his speech, the former president lashed out at Joe Biden, going so far as to call him “A dumb son of a b**ch” at one point. 

“We have somebody who’s not at the top of his game. Never was at the top of a game,” Trump said, getting worked up as the crowd cheered him on. And while this obsession with the president is not new, or unique, the way in which he’s ramping up the expression of his anger has taken a dramatic turn. Before his rally on Saturday, Trump posted a clip to Truth Social featuring a montage of Biden falling down over the years, interspliced with an image of a toothy wolf. 

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