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‘Wordle’ #785 Clues, Tips and Answer for Sunday, August 13 Game

Wordle started off as an English-language puzzle game with only a dozen players before it went on to have a player base of millions.

New York-based software developer Josh Wardle created the game during the Covid-19 pandemic as something “for me and my partner to enjoy.”

He released Wordle to the public in October 2021 and it went on to become a global sensation, leading The New York Times to purchase the game for an undisclosed low seven-figure sum, although it remains free to play via its website.

Part of Wordle’s success can be partially explained by its easy pick-up-and-play gameplay loop and color-coded system.

A man playing Wordle
In this photo illustration, the word game “Wordle” is shown on a mobile phone on January 12, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Today’s “Wordle” puzzle could test some players.

Players use three colors to help them solve the five-letter word within six attempts or fewer.

A green tile indicates the letter is in the word and is in the right place, while a yellow one means the letter is in the word but is not in the correct place. But a gray tile indicates to the player that the letter is not in the word at all.

Previously speaking to Newsweek Erhan Aslan, who teaches applied linguistics at the University of Reading in the U.K., gave some advice for Wordle players.

He said: “One thing that I think is important in this game is the starting word chosen. Starting off with words that include commonly used vowels, for example, e and a, consonants such as r and t, and sound sequences might be helpful.

“Choosing a word that starts with q, z, j, or x, for instance, may not be the best choice. As you get more feedback after a few guesses, users need to draw on some knowledge of phonics to narrow down or eliminate some words that they might be thinking.”

The answer to Saturday’s puzzle will be revealed at the end of this article, so scroll down with caution if you want to solve it for yourself.

Wordle #785, Tips for Sunday, August 13

Newsweek has put together five clues to help you solve Sunday’s Wordle puzzle.

Hint #1: There are no repeated letters.

Hint #2: The answer contains one vowel.

Hint #3: The third letter is a vowel.

Hint #4: The word is a noun.

Hint #5: It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Wordle #785, Answer for Sunday, August 13

The answer to Sunday’s Wordle puzzle is “wrath.”

While it is not the most commonly-used word, most English-language speakers should know the word. Did you solve it? If so, congratulations.

But don’t be put off if you did not, as the best thing about Wordle is seeing if you can improve your score over time.

Newsweek will be back on Monday with another round of Wordle hints and tips and we hope to see you then.

What Does ‘Wrath’ Mean?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “wrath” as “strong vengeful anger or indignation.”

An example is: “After learning he had been cheated, he was filled with wrath.”

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